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coldline commercial refrigeration - catering equipmentBakery Refrigerators are essential to the bakery and pastry industry. Coldline designs high-quality retarder/prover, cabinets and counters for professional pastry and bread making. You can find many different models of commercial fridges of varying sizes and temperature ranges, created specifically to meet your professional needs. Mixing bread, croissants, brioches, waiting for correct proving and baking, daily activities that affect your timetable. Cabinets, counters and roll-in, show different capacities to meet the requirements of small and larger bakery and pastry shops or laboratories. The humidity control system stops the dough from drying out and prevents superficial cracks from forming. The humidity level can be set from 60% to 95% depending on the percentage of water contained in the product. The electronic retarder/prover appliances save you time.

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