Pizzeria Solutions

Pizzeria Solutions 

Pizza equipment and supplies made in Italy
pizza equipment and supplies wood fired ovens
Pizza equipment and supplies, woodfired ovens

We have an extensive selection of quality equipment specifically designed for the Pizza industry. Euroquip is able to provide you with anything you need to make a high quality pizza whether you are focusing on wood fired  pizza, New York Style Pizza, authentic Neapolitan, Sliced Pizza or Roman Focaccia, and so on. Pizza isn’t just one of the most popular foods in the world, but it’s an Art and a deep knowledge of techniques and ingredients.  Each pizza requires different dough and a specific proving. There is a lot involved. The ovens have a key role but the refrigeration equipment and retarder-prover are fundamental too. The pizza peels need to be very handy and easy to clean, the serving trays or plate should maintain the temperature and enhance the look.

The Pizza Industry has become an important business in Australia during the last few years, with Australian Pizzaioli elected World Best Pizza ChamPizza equipment and supplies pizzeria solutionspions for more than one time. This means the market has become very competitive and the required skills level is very high. For this reason, Euroquip have brought to Australia the Pizza University, the first professional pizza school created by Moretti Forni in Italy now famous for qualifying the best pizza makers in the world. Whether you are looking to up-skill yourself or starting a new business, this one week course can help y
ou to make the right step forward. Technology, Skills and Ingredients, nothing is left to case when it comes to quality pizza.

Once you have organised your venue at its best, it can’t go wrong because everybody loves Pizza! 



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