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The baking equipment and pastry tools supplied by Euroquip are designed and produced by leading companies in the pastry and baking industries. When looking for baking equipment and pastry tools you need to considers a lot of factors as the pastry and bakery arts require to observe a strict discipline and method that cannot be achieved without precise and reliable tools and equipment.

Euroquip collaborate with the best pastry chefs and chefs in Australia since nearly 20 years, we have organised international events like the participation of the Australian Team of Pastry to the World Trophy of Pastry; we constantly run master classes and work-shops to provide professionals with quality educational resources; for all these reasons we are often asked consultations about the right pastry equipment for many different purposes.

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Euroquip offer a wide range of pastry equipment and baking equipment that can satisfy many different needs. We believe that, because of the importance of the investment, is always good to rely on quality products that can last for many years and can guarantee the best performance. 

 To furnish a fine pastry-lab or a bakery shop, the important thing is to choose what helps you to work in all the different categories (baking, mixing, sugar pulling, pastillage, pasteurisation, refrigeration, etc.) and produce and maintain the quality in the long term.  Buy the best you can and the pastry equipment will last for a life time. Opt for hi-tech appliances that save you time, money and energy consumption.  Quality doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune and nowadays there are many comfortable financial options that allow you to get what you need with very low weekly repayments.


coldline pastry equipmentBuying quality equipment means also receiving longer warranties, customer assistance and easy repairs of your baking and pastry equipment during the years to come.




Our showroom is always well equipped with pasty equipment at your disposal for your pre-purchase trial, the Euroquip staff will be happy to assist you in guided technical demonstrations, free of charge, that you can book from our website or simply by calling our office on 02 9707 2977.

Pastry machinery such as ovens, blast chillers, freezers, kneading machines, display cabinets, puff pastry lamination machines, gelato machines, soft serve machines and much more are available for your perusal on our catalogue.