Neapolis pizza oven demonstration day

Neapolis pizza oven demonstration day.

Euroquip is delighted to invite you at the event “Neapolis pizza oven demonstration day”. We are going to introduce you the world’s most powerful electric pizza oven developed by Moretti Forni to bake authentic italian pizza at 510 degrees.

Pizza chef | Enrico Sgarbossa


About Neapolis:

The perfect baking

• Neapolis is the new oven designed by Moretti Forni. We used all of our experience to give the highest temperature ever seen in a electric oven: 510°C. 

• Neapolis allow you to bake a pizza in less than a minute.

• Moretti Forni gained this exceptional result thanks to 70 years of experiences in designing ovens.

• Neapolis: the woodburing oven turns to electric. An exceptional baking instrument with a cutting-edge design that respects tradition.

• Neapolis solves the problem of the firewood’s storage and purchase and avoid the environmental pollution cau- sed by unburnt gas.

• Neapolis is equipped with an electronic temperature management: the pizza maker set required temperature and keep this setting for all the time needed. The new-ge- neration software of Neapolis guarantees the perfect ba- king everytime!

• Neapolis is ready to bake: once connected to power sup- ply, you just need to switch on the smart display to set different temperature of ceiling and floor

• Neapolis respects the environment: the front opening has designed to limit power consumption: just 6.5 kW/h to bake over 200 pizzas per hour.

• Neapolis is made of cutting-edge materials that allows an optimal insulation and in spite of the high temperatu- res; you can touch the external surface without burning yourself.

• 13 international patents protect Neapolis technology and it has been patented worldwide to give you a unique electric oven.

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