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 ” Moretti LAB will guide you in the world of perfect cooking”


It takes you in the world of perfect cooking, through courses, classes, and workshops that deal with every type of product that can be baked in a professional oven.


The base of our baking courses is pizza, which is studied in all its aspects, then it’s the time of bread and pastry baking. In addition to the preparation and handling techniques of the dough, there is a last and fundamental step: a cooking technique that is able to enhance the characteristics of the product created by the professional baker.

We will guide you through the training step by step.


Training in Moretti Forni is a primary strategic lever because it increases the product knowledge and corporate vision. The company has always invested significant resources in the training of internal and external staff focused on marketing, sales, technical insights, in order to share the precious know-how and provide with tangible benefits all the resources that gravitate around the Moretti world. The task includes organizing specific training days for the sales force, for trade and for technicians of after-sales service, part theory in the classroom supported by modern and up-to-date multimedia tools, and part practice directly on the equipment in the laboratory.

Technical update courses have annual periodicity and culminate in the issuance of a certificate of qualification to provide such a service: one more guarantee to end-users.


PIZZA ACADEMY 1-week course. Pizza is the iconic food that represents the Italian cuisine in the world. But pizza is not just a tradition; it is a product that is constantly evolving, based on knowledge and technologies that allow the best pizzaioli to express their art and creativity at their best. 

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BREAD ACADEMY 1-week course. There isn’t a product more daily consumed than bread, and its features can be taken for granted. Moretti Forni have a different opinion. Just because of its centrality in everyday life, bread deserves a lot of attention when it comes to baking knowledge and education. Studying it and analysing it, it will open your mind to a new world of business opportunities.

BREAD academy moretti lab

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PASTRY ACADEMY 1-week course. Pastry with all its complex techniques and long leavening sessions have always been the final exam of every “white art” professional, the patisserie represents the ultimate challenge. A perfect sponge cake or brioche dough, Panettone will require both a perfect handling of the dough and a specific knowledge of the cooking methods.

Would you like to learn more about it?

pastry academy moretti lab


Course Dates: SYDNEY 2017

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