Fine Food 2016, Melbourne Edition

Fine Food Australia 2016, Melbourne 12 – 15 September

The 2016 performance at Fine Food Show in Melbourne has confirmed a sensational success that has seen the Euroquip Team involved in a non –stop live demonstration for the entire duration of the show. No more exposure of motionless machinery, but a busy Italian kitchen has been the acclaimed stage of this edition. The extraordinary participation of Chefs Claudio Tallarico, Alessandro Lo Stocco and Danilo Refini, have indeed allowed the realization of a number of workshops showing the best technologies from Forni Moretti, Coldline for refrigeration and Staff Ice System for gelato.

It would perhaps be more appropriate to say that the Euroquip booth turned into a crowded Italian “piazza”. People could access the tasting of delicacies such as the inevitable pizzas and focaccia bread, grilled meats, fine canapés, sophisticated pastry and heavenly ice cream. Industry experts have flocked to attend the demonstrations, being able to immediately test the extraordinary quality of our catering equipment.

Staff Euroquip



One product in particular has captivated audiences. In fact Euroquip has just introduced into the market Australian, LIFE – DOMESTIC BLAST CHILLER designed by Coldline. With the most advanced technology in the industry, LIFE drives us to look towards a new era in our home kitchen. It basically reinvents the way we store, preserve and handle food.  With a user friendly touch display, it allows a more healthy and safe food conservation by breaking down bacteria at -40°C. The crystallization process allows the preservation of all nutrients and flavours .The chance to cook the food directly from frozen without losing flavour, texture, structure and lots of other possibilities for cooking and preserving food. The elegant Italian design and affordable price range, underline the success of this product.

On the other side of the pavilion at the international stage of the PIZZA COMPETITION (while the Euroquip kitchen was busy in surprising the audience) the tradition of Italian pizza baked in Valoriani woodfire ovens, confirmed its charm thanks to the art of some of the best pizza makers.

Seriously… it was a show!

chef-claudio-tallarico euroquip-team-6 finefood-3