The Art of Pizza

The Art of Pizza – Competition for artists. 

Welcome to the first edition on “The Art of Pizza” – Competition for artists.

The idea is to have, as part of our service, artists willing to work when our customer requires a customisation of the oven. See the picture on the left as an example.

Before we choose our official artists, we need to select them through a competition based on Facebook (through Euroquip official fanpage). 

The event will be held in a place where the artists can have visibility (probably the Easter show) and where they can show off their skills in a live painting exhibition.

The finalists, besides to become Euroquip’s offical artists, will win a prize of 1000, 500 and 300 AUD  (1st, 2nd and 3rd classified).

First of all, like Euroquip on Facebook! The participants needs to send (up to the 1st of February 2019) a photo of their own artworks representing “THE ART OF PIZZA” at:

Describe yourself (name/art name) and your artwork in a few words. Do you have a page on Facebook? Send it to us and we will mention it! 

The technique you are going to use is up to you, but take in consideration that must be durable and suitable for a particular surface like a wall… 

The most voted artists (likes) on their own artwork’s photo (shared on the Euroquip fanpage), will get the chance to partecipate at the grand final
The photo needs to be in HD with a white background in order to be shared on our Facebook and social medias. Euroquip reserves the rights to share the image.
As soon as we receive your images, we will promptly share on our Facebook. 
More information will be shared next.