Cooking pizza? It’s easy with a Rotating Wood Fired Oven!

Pizza is an old Southern Italian tradition that has become nowadays one of the most common words and meals in the world.

Simple and tasty. That’s the key of its success! 

Flour, salt, yeast, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce are the magic ingredients for making this delicious and appreciated dish.

…and, last, but not least: the oven. We can say that the most used in the Traditional Neapolitan cuisine is the Wood Fired ones.

A quality pizza is always made by a quality oven!

Today, in the Euroquip showroom, we want to show you how to make a traditional Neapolitan pizza using a rotating wood fired oven (R120 ROTATING Series by Valoriani  – watch the video below):

About Valoriani and Rotating Wood Fired Ovens

With almost a century of experience in the refractory field, Valoriani made its first rotating wood fired oven available in the version wood/gas combination. R120 ROTATING Series is very easy to use thanks to a very intuitive control panel.

Technical tips

A new technology, R.H.S System (Recycling Heating System) allows the recovery and use of the rotating wood fired oven by making it circulate at very high temperatures under the baking floor (made of Refractory Cotto).

Also, the insulation materials used for its realization is the best on the market.

Finally, the spitfire gas burner is safe and user-friendly designed to replicate wood burning with high performance and baking quality with lower operating costs and heating times. 


In Australia: Euroquip is delighted to announce that the R120 ROTATING Series by Valoriani  has been approved by the AGA (Australian Gas Associationand it’s exclusive to the whole National Australian market.

In the world: Also, R120 ROTATING Series by Valoriani has been approved from “Vera Pizza Napoletana”, a worldwide recognized institution in the world of pizza.

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