Professional Wood Fired Ovens by Valoriani Forni

valoriani wood fired ovens

 Wood Fired Ovens By Valoriani Forni

Valoriani Forni Professional Wood Fired Ovens and Residential Pizza Ovens come from Tuscany – Italy, and they are crafted by the Valoriani family since 50 years.  Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens (owned by Euroquip) is the Australian website dedicated to Valoriani Forni. Euroquip bring the finest quality wood fired ovens range to Australia. In a short period of time, Valoriani commercial and residential Wood Fired Ovens have become market leaders in Australia. The Euroquip team of dedicated professionals, with many years’ experience using professional wood fired ovens, bring a rich knowledge of woodfired cooking. They understand that every customer is unique and has different needs and requirements. The company’s good reputation confirms that they are truly professional in their approach and provide a friendly and personalised service.

professional woodfired ovens

Having sold over 1000 professional wood fired ovens, and 1500 residential woodfired ovens in Australia & New Zealand, together with over 15 years’ experience in the food industry, you can be certain of quality and experience when dealing with the team at Euroquip. Using a quality wood burning pizza oven will ensure you get the best results ever time.

The History of Valoriani Forni

Professional Wood Fired Ovens since 1890 Valoriani Family
Valoriani Family
Woodfired Ovens since 1890

The Valoriani family have been producing refractory products since 1890 and today remain world leaders as manufacturers of prefabricated woodfired ovens for professional and residential use.

During World War II, many of the communal ovens in Italian villages were destroyed. During reconstruction, Valoriani was on the front line to give strength to his country and his bricks proved necessary to build thousands of wood-burning ovens, the basic instrument needed for the baking of bread in the home. This proved a turning point and the prefabricated wood burning oven was born. Silvio Valoriani, a specialist in refractory clay, by using all the century experience acquired from his family, the choice or raw materials and the structural design of the oven’s dome, perfect in all its proportions, to such a point that still nowadays the dome is unchanged. The result – family size wood burning ovens from Cotto refrattario (refractory clay) quarried from the hills of Tuscany. These newly designed ovens were far more fuel efficient and had great heat retention allowing individual families to afford their own ovens.

With commercial and economic growth and great demand for its products, commercial businesses needed ovens to be able to bake a high number of pizzas, quality and with uniform baking, able to keep a constant temperature with low wood consumption.

Valoriani is the only company to produce its factory, both dome and floor tiles baked at 1300°C. Many firms have tried to copy the “Valoriani Forni “ovens, which has been recognised as the Original Wood Burning Oven ever since. They still remain the original, the first product in its class and one of the best products worldwide, chosen and used by some of the most important restaurants and caterings.

The company today, after more than 50 years on the market, in its 5th generation and with over 300,000 ovens delivered, Valoriani professional wood-fired ovens  & residential pizza ovens are still made in Refrattari Reggello, high in the hills of Tuscany.

professional woodfired ovens made in Tuscany - Tuscany landscape

Tuscany, Italy.
Valoriani Woodfired Ovens are 100% made in Tuscany