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Food is life

Back in our grandmothers’ day, food was fresh, produced locally and recognisable. Nowadays, however, there are thousands of products on supermarket shelves that bear only the merest resemblance to food.  There is widespread use of chemicals, sugar, and additives in the food industry so we have to ask, what impact are they having on our health?  It has been demonstrated that food and wellbeing are closely linked.  With domestic blast chillers LIFE, made in Italy by Coldline, you finally get the chance to say “no” to mass-produced food, prevent food poisoning and instead use fresh, natural ingredients that you can now keep fresh for longer. Cooking at home will be quicker and easier: you can prepare the kind of healthy, wholesome dishes our grandmothers used to make.

Less waste

About 1.3 billion tons of food ends up in the trash every year. We often buy fresh ingredients that for various reasons are left in the fridge well past their use-by date and we end up throwing them away. With LIFE blast chillers you can extend the life of your food and consequently reduce waste. (See more refrigeration products).

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Preserving food quality

All your efforts to select the best ingredients are thwarted by common cooling methods. Cooked food which stands at room temperature for a long period time compromises its quality. With LIFE blast chillers, you are able to preserve the original results, ensuring your meat, fish and vegetables maintain their taste without any loss of vitamins and minerals.

Home cooking

Home cooking is healthy and fun, but it’s often hard to find the time. But who said you need to cook every day to eat healthily? If you’re not going to eat it immediately, chill food straight after cooking to preserve its freshness. With LIFE blast chillers you can now cook whenever you have time and plan your meals in advance. Unleash your creativity and make extraordinary, healthy dishes! Read Recipes.

Cook like a chef

With LIFE blast chillers things you couldn’t do in your kitchen are now possible: risk-free sushi, perfectly cooked bread, pizzas and focaccia flatbread, chocolate in unique shapes and creamy, natural yogurt. You no longer have to be a great chef to do all this: boost your talent in the kitchen and express your creativity with LIFE!

Deep freezing isn’t the same freezing

Deep-freezing and freezing are not synonymous. With the LIFE blast chillers, the deep-freezing process rapidly reduces the air temperature to -40°C, micro-crystallizing the water within the cells of the food. This means that the food will not lose any liquid during the thawing process. Traditional freezers, however, are unable to achieve such a low temperature resulting in longer freezing times. This causes the water to form into large crystals which destroy the fibers and leads to a loss of vitamins and nutrients, compromising the quality of the food.

Fresh ingredients every day

Nowadays we have very little time to spend searching for the best available food. We often put into our shopping trolleys pre-packed, frozen and preserved food of all types – meat, fish, and vegetables. With the LIFE blast chiller, you will be able to buy the freshest ingredients at your leisure and maintain their quality for a longer period of time, thanks to the best natural method of preservation: the cold.

It is no longer necessary to buy frozen food

How often do you buy frozen food only to find that it has defrosted during the journey home? This not only affects the products quality but also can be dangerous for your health, as the increasing temperature bacteria growth. With LIFE blast chiller, you can select fresh food and freeze it at home to a temperature of -40°C. This means that none of the quality is lost and there is no risk to your health. These results cannot be achieved with a normal home freezer.

Blast Chiller Prevent From Food Poisoning, Eliminate Anisakis

The consumption of raw fish is becoming more popular, thanks to the healthy effects of omega 3 and consequently is increasingly served in both restaurants and in the home. There are, however, possible health risks resulting from contamination by the dangerous parasite Anisakis, that can only be eliminated by cooking or freezing at a very low temperature. With LIFE blast chillers you can freeze the raw fish to -40°C and eat it at a later date, confident in the knowledge that it will be perfectly safe.

Improve your baby’s health with the use of a domestic blast chiller

Fruit and vegetables are important in a baby’s diet from the moment they start to eat solid food. Fresh fruit straight from the trees contains concentrated amounts of mineral salts and vitamins helping the baby grow into a healthy child. Often parents are too willing to use homogeneous industrially produced products – usually because they don’t have the time to go shopping every day. LIFE blast chillers is here to help you! You can now select the best fresh seasonal foods, cook and package them into single portions, and produce a stock of high quality meals for your baby, which can be used over the coming weeks or months.

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