27.11.16 Food Is Life – The Benefits Of Blast Chilling – Complimentary Cooking Class


During the cooking class the Chef Claudio Tallarico has shown how with the Domestic Blast Chiller LIFE, you finally get the chance to say ‘no’ to mass-produced food and instead use fresh, natural ingredients and keep them fresh for longer. Cooking at home will be quicker and easier: you can prepare healthy and fresh dishes everyday, avoid the risk of contamination, save money, reduce food waste, preserve the quality of the food and all its vitamins and minerals. You will learn how to cook like a chef, things you couldn’t do in your kitchen before. Blast Chilling will definitely help you to improve your baby’s health, You can now select the best fresh seasonal foods, cook and package them into single portions, and produce a stock of high quality meals for your baby, which can be used over the coming weeks or months.

Claudio is the type of person able to make the things easier, while laughing and tasting good food.
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“Food Is Life” Cooking Class, 27.11.2016 @The Essential Ingredient in Rozelle, NSW

Food Is Life - Cooking Classes - Blast Chiller

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