Food Industry Collaborations
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Collaborations generate success in the food industry

Many years ago, in 1850, Mutti decided to channel all its efforts in tomatoes in order to obtain a truly excellent product that is now world wide recognized. Mutti’s laboratories and farmers work together to achieve quality by embracing the utmost respect for the environment. Mutti process only the best tomatoes to allow their customer to create culinary delights by always offering the best quality. Euroquip is proud to announce the collaboration with such a brand that is growing its reputation as synonymous of excellence in the Australian food industry too…

Napoli Food and Wines is a premium Beverage & Food Distributor in Australia. Lover of the true Italian taste – owner Raffaele Angrisano decided he needed to bring his passion to restaurants and café’s alike to Australia. After starting off with not much more than a phone and a focussed supply line of Italian food supplies, Napoli Food and Wines quickly grew to become one of Australia’s leading food distributor’s ….